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We’ve gathered a few of our favorite recipes and given them the Swerve treatment! With Swerve you can create great tasting, low to no sugar treats that are sweetened naturally.

Making healthy choices in both foods and supplements is a priority for many consumers. Sugar free products are both calorie-reduced and tooth-friendly, but many of the wide range of sugar alternatives now available have shortcomings such as digestive intolerance, poor texture and bulking properties or an unsatisfactory taste profile. There is also increasing awareness of the potential health risks associated with artificial sweeteners, increasing demand for all natural alternative sweeteners and sugar free recipes. Swerve, LLC has overcome these problems with the development of Swerve Sweetener ® ,the first all-natural sweetener that looks, tastes, measures and bakes just like sugar. And, Swerve is made from the fibers naturally occurring in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This revolutionary sweetener not only tastes and has functional properties incredibly similar to sucrose, but can enhance flavor, add mouthfeel and body, and mask unwanted off-tastes. And as remarkable as its functionality, are its health aspects. Swerve is all natural, has a zero calorie content with no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels, and has by far the highest digestive tolerance compared to other polyol sweeteners.