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The Ultimate
Sugar Replacement

Swerve is a combination of erythritol and oligosaccharides that looks, tastes and measures just like sugar.

From the Swerve Kitchen

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite recipes and given them the Swerve treatment! With Swerve you can create great tasting, low to no sugar treats that are sweetened naturally.


The Sweet Life Blog

Back to Basics Boot Camp


The end of August didn’t used to mean much to me. When I lived on the East Coast, it indicated colder days ahead and a shift from summer’s simple foods to that of a heartier sort.

Throwback Thursday

The original Swerve logo from 2001.

My grandmother said to me once, "As you get older, the years go by much faster."  At the time all I could think is that the school year went by like molasses a