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World Diabetes Day

People choose a sugar free lifestyle for a multitude of reasons but for millions it’s not a choice but a necessity for health and wellness. Swerve is happy and proud to give diabetics a way to indulge their sweet tooth and eat all the treats they want without chemicals and without compromise.

Our friends over at (if you haven’t checked out this site, you should – low carb, sugar free deliciousness) said it best in a recent post,

“It is a wonderful thing, when you think your choices are extremely limited, to discover that you have a lot more options than you thought. Even better, that those options appear to be increasing all the time. This is how I felt when I first found that my gestational diabetes was here to stay, that I was a diabetic for life. I thought that for baking, my sweetener options were limited to artificial products like sucralose and aspartame, neither of which I have ever much liked. What a delight, then, to discover a whole world of alternative sweeteners that were naturally derived and had little to no effect on my blood glucose levels.”

The team at Swerve is so proud to give our fellow foodies an outlet for their culinary creativity (and taste buds) while allowing them to manage their diabetes. We are also proud of and grateful for the thousands of people around the world working in diabetes care, treatment, education and research. These people are making a genuine difference in peoples’ lives.

We’re proudly wearing blue today and hope you are too.


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