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Swerve & Diabetes

Swerve is a sweet and smart choice for people with diabetes. For many, getting used to a diabetes lifestyle can be very challenging.  With Swerve in your kitchen, making your favorite recipes lower in sugar is as easy as using Swerve in place of sugar. It’s simple to do since Swerve measures cup-for-cup just like sugar. If your recipe calls for half a cup of sugar, simply replace with half a cup of Swerve.

The Glycemic Index Laboratories located in Toronto, Canada, performed tests on four different sweeteners to demonstrate the postprandial (after consumption) blood glucose and insulin responses. The study consisted of 15 healthy subjects between the ages of 18 and 75. As demonstrated in the chart below, Swerve is non-glycemic and does not raise blood glucose (blood sugar) levels.

swerve blood glucose

Blood glucose levels after the non-nutritive sweeteners were significantly lower compared to sucrose at 15, 30 and 45 minutes. Glucose levels were also significantly lower after both Swerve products compared to high potency sweetener at 15 minutes. At 90 and 120 minutes, the blood glucose levels were significantly higher after the three non-nutritive sweeteners compared to sucrose (p<0.001).


Additionally, Swerve has been tested for its effect on insulin levels after consumption. The chart below demonstrates the insulinemic responses of the four sweeteners tested. Swerve has an extremely minimal impact. – See more at:

swerve insulin

Postprandial incremental serum insulin measurements after four different sweeteners balanced for sweetness. Results are expressed as Mean±SEM, and using ANOVA for main effects of time and test meal and the time×meal interaction. If the time×mean interaction was significant, then ANOVA was conducted for each time point using Tukey-Kramer method to adjust for multiple comparisons. *significantly different from sucrose at p<0.001 ; # High Potency Sweetener and Swerve regular significantly different from sucrose (p<0.01).

glycemic index

Chief Investigator: Thomas MS Wolever, BM, BCh, PhD, DM Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc. 20 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2N8


Disclaimer: Replacing sugar in your recipe may not remove all forms of sugar. Consult with your doctor, dietician or nutritionist to know if the recipe is appropriate for a diabetes diet.