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Swerve Baking Tips

  1. For liquid applications, use confectioner’s Swerve as it will dissolve and stay in solution better.
  2. Use properly softened butter and cream cheese for frostings to avoid lumpiness.
  3. Use room temperature milk or cream in frostings and glazes as this will keep things smooth.
  4. When baking a cake or brownies, cover the baked good with aluminum foil midway through the suggested baking time, e.g. If a carrot cake calls for 50 minutes to bake, cover the cake 30 minutes into baking it. This prevents the outside crust from becoming too firm.
  5. If adding to melted chocolate, whisk in one tablespoon at a time. If it thickens too much, add a few teaspoons of oil to help thin it out again.
  6. Confectioner’s Swerve is also a better choice for things like custards, curds and mousses as it will give a smoother mouth feel.
  7. When making chocolate chip cookies, if the recipe calls for two eggs, only use one (it will help the cookie not become too “cakey” or rise too much), and add 3/4th of a cup of milk to your wet ingredients (this helps to flatten the cookie if you like a flatter cookie).
  8. Keep Swerve stored in the bags it comes in, as this will keep it soft and pourable.
  9. If dough or batter looks drier than usual, add a 1/4 cup of milk or a milk substitute such as almond milk.
  10. If frosting looks too thick, add a tablespoon or two of milk, almond milk, etc. to reach desired consistency.
  11. When making frosting or icing and your recipe normally calls for 4 cups of confectioners/powdered sugar, cut the sugar in half when using Swerve confectioners. For example, a standard cream cheese frosting normally calls for 4 cups of powdered sugar. Instead of substituting 4 cups of Swerve confectioners, use 1 ½ cups to 2 cups of Swerve confectioners. Sweeten to taste.