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Sweet tidings from the Swerve Test Kitchen and beyond

Hiya, Sweeties!

I thought it was time to dust the flour out of my hair and fill you in on some happenings in the Swerve Test Kitchen and beyond.

Lately, we’ve been on the road a lot sharing the sweetness with lots of new friends. It’s funny; when we’re up to our eyeballs in Swerve (almost literally) we sometimes forget just how remarkable it is. When we’re explaining Swerve to someone that hasn’t come across it before, we get excited all over again.

Most recently, we were chatting with a health and wellness blogger who is always searching for the ideal sugar alternative. She had all the usual objections to the ‘other guys’ and just hadn’t stumbled upon Swerve yet. While we told all how Swerve was all-natural and had no glycemic response, no aftertaste or cooling effect, it think what really won her over was the cupcake we gave her. I got the feeling, she hadn’t eaten a truly sugar free yet ‘regular’ tasting cupcake in years. It was a beautiful moment for her and for us!

Something else new is our 8oz shaker canister. It’s easy to use, easy to seal and takes up almost no room on your counter. Need another plus? It’s refillable. It’s available on our site and from Amazon.

All of this ‘business stuff has kept us out of the kitchen a little but don’t worry, we also have some exciting new recipes coming soon. We’ll share them with y’all on Facebook and Twitter. We also love seeing all of your baking photos so keep them coming – you can always post to Facebook or email them to


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