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New friends and new recipes.

Hiya Sweeties!

It’s been an amazing week in the Swerve kitchen. As some of you may have seen on our site, in a 24 period, we received over 20,000 sample requests! I know that many of those requesting samples are now our new friends on Facebook and Twitter, so let me take this opportunity to say howdy and how happy we are to meet all you. We’re so excited to be getting the Swerve word out to so many people.

If you are coming in late, we have some amazing recipes to share and we are always working on some new sweet treats in our test kitchen….. Look for our apple pie recipe later in the week for example. At the same time, we urge you all to share your baking with us, we always love to see photos of your successes (and commiserate with your, ahem, less than successful efforts – trust me, we’re far from perfect, but don’t spread that around). If you have any Swerve recipes you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page or email them to

We have some other big projects in the works too – I can’t say too much but look out for some more contests on Facebook, some fun and cute Swerve baking accessories and apparel and maybe even some short videos. As busy as we are, is it any wonder that we always need a little something sweet for an afternoon snack?

Speaking of sweet things, we did a little entertaining in the Swerve home kitchen over the weekend, nothing fancy, just a last minute invite dinner with a few friends. While brainstorming (read scrambling) what to prepare, I remembered my all time favorite ‘two for the price of one’ recipe.

The local strawberries are at their best right now, so I bought a flat at the farmers market and sliced them into bite-sized pieces (maybe four cups for four people). I added a third of a cup of Swerve, a third of a cup of aged balsamic vinegar and a cup of regular balsamic then covered and set aside for three hours at room temperature.

Meanwhile, I made a simple salad modeled after a panzanella (bread salad). You can use whatever you like but I chose mixed baby lettuces, heirloom cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, avocado and feta cheese and two cups of stale French bread cut into rough chunks.

When it was time to serve the first course, I simply drained the vinegar from the strawberries over the salad – voila – sugar free, fat free strawberry vinaigrette.

The strawberries went into the fridge while the salad and entrée were served (lamb baked with olives and lemon juice if you’re curious) and waited for dessert.

By then, the strawberries had taken on a delicious sweet tang from the vinegar and I simply served them with (store bought, I admit) sugar-free lemon sorbet and garnished with a few mint leaves.

I hadn’t planned to write about this and unfortunately the light was terrible for photos but trust me when I say, the whole meal was delicious, low fat and sugar free, and how often do you get to make both an appetizer and dessert all in one AND that take less than 15 minute for both.

2 thoughts on “New friends and new recipes.

  1. Beverly Jones

    Please sign me up to receive your emails using SWERVE, which I read about on All Day I Dream About Food.
    The link did not work to sign up

    1. Andress Post author

      Hiya Beverly… thank you so much for letting us know the link didn’t work. We have fixed it and it should be working just fine now. But don’t you dare worry… we’re getting you added to our list!


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