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Meatballs with Swerved BBQ Sauce, or What the Super Bowl is Really About


On Sunday, February 7th, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will meet to decide the victor of Super Bowl 50. This match up pits engaging youth and confidence against wisdom and Hall of Fame-like experience.

Did I get your attention? Are you riveted? Are you planning your allegiance to one team or the other? Well … I am not either! Let’s be serious. I am watching the Super Bowl for commercials and … FOOD!

After outlining our game plan, and analyzing game day tape and many recipes for success, the Swerve Test Kitchen has whipped up a perfect tasty treat that will have fans (your fans specifically after eating them) asking for the recipe. Commercials? What commercials, when everyone is gathered around these delicious, pop in your mouth, bite size, delectable meatballs, drenched in Swerved BBQ Sauce. Did I mention there are 3 grams of sugar per serving as opposed to the 18 grams of sugar that may be found in a serving of BBQ sauce? Touchdown Y’all!

I know … I had to take a deep breath, and stop myself from yelling, “What?!,” as I dabbed some drool away from the right corner of my lips. My only response is “Are you ready to rumble? Is your stovetop on, and your oven preheated?” Well create your own line up, draw out your Xs and Os, but the deep pass that is going to win this cooking game, will be your Swerved BBQ Meatballs.

Have a great Super Bowl 50 and may the best meatball win! Please see attached recipe below, and enjoy getting sticky and having fun!

Be sure to check out our full recipe.


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