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One of my first introductions to healthy eating came via my college’s football coach. I’d not yet discovered the joys of unprocessed foods (translation: the cafeteria’s sugared cereal bar was heaven to me) and one morning at breakfast he approached me, grabbed me firmly by the shoulders and shouted, “G.I.G.O.” I was surprised.  I was embarrassed.  I later learned this was Coach’s “catchphrase” of sorts. He used it liberally with the football team and, apparently, English Lit. majors whose tray ……[Continue Reading]

Breaking Down Breakfast

Some of you may already know that Swerve Sweetener is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’re Southern folks and our Mamas have taught us many great Southern virtues like saying “Ma’am and Sir”.  And in the South, nothing is more important to us than relationships.  That being said, we’re super excited to introduce you to someone we’ve formed a new relationship with – she’s so great we simply can’t keep her to ourselves.  We just have to share her excitement ……[Continue Reading]

World Diabetes Day

People choose a sugar free lifestyle for a multitude of reasons but for millions it’s not a choice but a necessity for health and wellness. Swerve is happy and proud to give diabetics a way to indulge their sweet tooth and eat all the treats they want without chemicals and without compromise. Our friends over at (if you haven’t checked out this site, you should – low carb, sugar free deliciousness) said it best in a recent post, “It ……[Continue Reading]