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Strawberry Shortcake Whoopie Pies

Did you know it’s National Strawberry Month? It makes perfect sense, given that strawberries are coming into season all over the country right about now. Of course, in the southern climes, they’ve been in season for a while. And in the more northern regions, it may be a while yet before they’re ripe for the picking. But on average, May is when those lovely little berries start to really get going. And they seem to call to our collective psyche, ……[Continue Reading]

Almond Joy Brownies

I’ve never really understood the Mounds versus the Almond Joy. Because let’s face it, they are both coconut candy bars; one just happens to have a couple of almonds stuck on top. Calling it an “Almond” Joy is very misleading when you think about it. To the uninitiated, it would seem as if the candy bar is all about almonds, so they are in for a shock when they bite into it and discover it’s made mostly of coconut. If ……[Continue Reading]

Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Eating

Get the Skinny’s Earth Day Nutrition Guide: 3 ways to help save the planet and improve your health!


Sunday is Earth day, a reminder to continue striving to make environmentally responsible choices throughout our lives, including our diets. Today

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