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Chocolate Cake with Orange Mascarpone Frosting


Want to hear something crazy? I used to not like cake very much. That might be overstating it a bit. I mean, I would eat cake when it was offered and some of it was very good. But a lot of it wasn’t and I got turned off sponge cake in general. It was often too dry, with frosting that tasted like nothing but sugar. It could look so beautiful and be decorated in all sorts of fancy ways, and I’d be very tempted. Only to be utterly disappointed in both the flavour and the texture. This was particularly true of store-bought cake. Even some of the cakes from well-known and much-lauded bakeries would elicit the same crushing disappointment for me. I just couldn’t understand it. Why go to all that effort to make it look gorgeous and not pay mind to the actual taste? They were selling a dream that had no substance.

Oh how my tune has changed. Nowadays, you might say I am addicted to cake. Or more to the point, you might say I am addicted to creating cake recipes. Now mind you, I am not much of a cake decorator so my cakes may not be the sumptuous, stunning creations with fancy colours and flowers and butterflies. But I flatter myself that while those are works of art more for the eyes than the tastebuds, my cakes are actually edible. More than simply edible, they are rich and flavourful and they keep you coming back for more. And perhaps the best part? They are part of your healthy diet. Now that, my friends, is what I call cake!

This particular cake has a rich chocolate flavour with a hint of orange. The cool, creamy mascarpone frosting compliments the chocolate perfectly. And by frosting only between the layers and the very top, you get a perfect cake to frosting ratio. Plus then you don’t have to worry about your poor decorating skills. Just swirl it up, sprinkle with a little orange zest and you will look like you totally know what you’re doing!

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How Do You Swerve Your Ice Cream


To some, ice cream recipes are sacred, like a secret you only share with a select few confidants. Here, we think of them as powerful tools that can make or break the most important meal of the day: dessert.

From lavender to chocolate, blueberry to peach, we take our ice cream seriously. Seriously Swerved, that is.

For National Ice Cream Month, we invite you to take a delicious journey with us and recall a few of our favorite recipes. Each flavor was meticulously crafted and every nutritional fact was taken into account. Here at Swerve, nothing is more important to us than sharing delicious, low sugar and sugar free recipes. Creating healthy options for desserts as timeless as ice cream is nothing short of a dream come true.

Remember, it’s not the type of ice cream you make that counts. It’s how you Swerve it.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish


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Chocolate Strawberry Cake Roll Blog Post


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