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How Do You Swerve Your Ice Cream


To some, ice cream recipes are sacred, like a secret you only share with a select few confidants. Here, we think of them as powerful tools that can make or break the most important meal of the day: dessert.

From lavender to chocolate, blueberry to peach, we take our ice cream seriously. Seriously Swerved, that is.

For National Ice Cream Month, we invite you to take a delicious journey with us and recall a few of our favorite recipes. Each flavor was meticulously crafted and every nutritional fact was taken into account. Here at Swerve, nothing is more important to us than sharing delicious, low sugar and sugar free recipes. Creating healthy options for desserts as timeless as ice cream is nothing short of a dream come true.

Remember, it’s not the type of ice cream you make that counts. It’s how you Swerve it.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish


I’ve been waiting to make this recipe for a long time. Ever since I discovered this crazy low carb, grain-free dough made with mozzarella cheese. It’s quite revolutionary and has opened up a whole new world of healthy baking for me. If you are not familiar with it but are trying to eat a healthier diet, it’s time to get familiar with it. You will be delighted, I promise you.

So here’s the deal. This dough really is based on mozzarella cheese and it makes for the best low carb pastry. The cheese acts like the gluten in conventional pastry, providing an elasticity that you simply can’t get with grain-free on their own. But one of the tricks is to not use the fresh mozzarella or the big blocks that you can grate yourself. You really want the pre-grated kind, preferably part-skim, because it has a little starch in it to keep it from clumping. This really helps the consistency of the dough. It doesn’t have to be really junky cheese though. I’ve used organic brands from both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and they work just as well.

You also need to make sure you are using truly fine almond flour and not the coarser almond meal. Coarsely ground almonds simply don’t integrate into the dough properly and you end up with a crumbly consistency that won’t roll out properly. I recommend either Bob’s Red Mill Super-Fine Almond Flour (make sure it’s this one and not their almond meal) or Honeyville.

With a little powdered Swerve, this bizarre sounding concoction really does make a wonderful sweet dough for your favorite pastries. It’s both chewy and crisp, and it turns a lovely golden brown. I’ve made it with chocolate and I’ve made it with cinnamon. Now I’ve filled gone ahead and filled it with cream cheese and blueberries for a danish-style pastry. So good with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Be sure to check out our full recipe.

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