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Pecan Pie Biscotti


I am a pecan pie fiend. An absolute aficionado, if you will. I’ve loved it since my first bite as a child. All that gooey, caramel-y, rich pecan flavor. Even not very good pecan pie was better than most desserts. I absolutely couldn’t pass it up, especially if it was topped with whipped cream or ice cream. Warm pecan pie straight from the oven? My idea of heaven.

Of course, I pass up the stuff all the time now. Having made real pecan pie many a time, I know exactly what kind of junk goes into it. White sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, oh my! The very thought of all that processed sugar give this Swerve convert the jitters. I can’t even imagine how I ever managed to eat pecan pie without keeling over from the cloying sweetness.

And the truth is that pecans have their own natural sweetness and richness that doesn’t really require a lot of added sugar. If you cut out a lot of that sickeningly sweet stuff, you come to enjoy the real pecan flavor.

But it sure is fun to play off the riff of that old favorite and make pecan pie-inspired goodies that aren’t sugary or bad for you. These low carb pecan pie biscotti were absolutely delicious. Two of my kids don’t even like pecans and they loved these! Dipping them into coffee is the perfect way to start a chilly fall morning.

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Pumpkin Tiramisu

The summer has come and gone, and as always I am a little sad to see it go. But while I love the sunshine and spontaneous fun of summertime, I have a special place in my heart for fall. It may mean getting back to a regular schedule and the daily grind, but it also brings so much beauty. I love the chillier mornings and the bright changing leaves. I love that I can wake up and put on a cozy sweater that I will need to peel off by lunchtime. I love the sense of community that the start of school brings. I love the smell of woodsmoke in the air as I walk home in the evening.

And I love the pumpkin recipes. Some people complain that bloggers have pumped the world too full of pumpkin recipes, that pumpkin recipes start coming earlier and earlier every year. I say stuff and nonsense! There can never be enough pumpkin recipes in the world. Never in a million years. Pumpkin is infinitely versatile, playing well with both savory and sweet flavors. And ever since that nameless pilgrim woman baked that first pumpkin pie, the big orange gourd has earned its hallowed reputation. Pumpkin is about fall and family and coming together over the holidays. Pumpkin rules. Don’t you go bashing my pumpkin!

So here’s a fun new sugar-free twist on pumpkin, bringing it together with another classic dessert. Tiramisu and pumpkin were made for each other. Enjoy the fall!

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Chocolate Cake with Orange Mascarpone Frosting

Want to hear something crazy? I used to not like cake very much. That might be overstating it a bit. I mean, I would eat cake when it was offered and some of it was very good. But a lot of it wasn’t and I got turned off sponge cake in general. It was often too dry, with frosting that tasted like nothing but sugar. It could look so beautiful and be decorated in all sorts of fancy ways, and ……[Continue Reading]

How Do You Swerve Your Ice Cream


To some, ice cream recipes are sacred, like a secret you only share with a select few confidants. Here, we think of them as powerful tools that can make or break the most important meal of the day: dessert. From lavender to chocolate, blueberry to peach, we take our ice cream seriously. Seriously Swerved, that is. For National Ice Cream Month, we invite you to take a delicious journey with us and recall a few of our favorite recipes. Each ……[Continue Reading]