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Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe & Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we want to share some Sweetie love with you! The Swerve Test Kitchen developed the perfect chocolate treat for such an occasion, a Swerved Chocolate Lava Cake (please see pdf below for recipe). To ensure you enjoy making this treat as much as we do, this Valentine’s Day, we are giving away: a bar of unsweetened chocolate, 4 ramekins, a whip cream maker, and bags of Swerve. May your hearts be warmed and romanticized ……[Continue Reading]

Meatballs with Swerved BBQ Sauce, or What the Super Bowl is Really About

On Sunday, February 7th, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will meet to decide the victor of Super Bowl 50. This match up pits engaging youth and confidence against wisdom and Hall of Fame-like experience. Did I get your attention? Are you riveted? Are you planning your allegiance to one team or the other? Well … I am not either! Let’s be serious. I am watching the Super Bowl for commercials and … FOOD! After outlining our game plan, and analyzing game ……[Continue Reading]

Swerve a Little Something Sweet This Thanksgiving

When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of traditions, family, laughter, conversation. . . and of course, food. We think of smoked turkey, pumpkin pie, green bean and sweet potato casseroles, pecans, dressing and cranberry anything. Over the years our families have grown, but our recipes have stayed the same. . . hence the tradition. But this year, we think we want to shake our food traditions up. The Swerve test kitchen thought it would be fun to whip up some of our ……[Continue Reading]