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Meatballs with Swerved BBQ Sauce, or What the Super Bowl is Really About

On Sunday, February 7th, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will meet to decide the victor of Super Bowl 50. This match up pits engaging youth and confidence against wisdom and Hall of Fame-like experience. Did I get your attention? Are you riveted? Are you planning your allegiance to one team or the other? Well … I am not either! Let’s be serious. I am watching the Super Bowl for commercials and … FOOD! After outlining our game plan, and analyzing game ……[Continue Reading]

Sushi Roll Salad: Old Favorites Made New

I get no greater thrill than remaking an old family favorite into a newer, healthier version that everyone loves. Really, it’s quite funny how excited I get. I rave about it through mouthfuls, immodestly patting myself on the back, and crowing delightedly about how it tastes just like the real thing. I may even have run a victory lap or two. I can neither confirm nor deny this fact. This recipe is no different. The first time I had the ……[Continue Reading]


Unsurprising to most who know me, play is one of the most important facets of my adult life. Play is something I prioritize and this all happened long before I became a parent. I re-discovered the power of play while attending college surrounded by the cornfields of central Ohio. Never an avid drinker—-my college experience demanded I find other more creative ways to let off steam. After long nights of studying, when others would convene in our room for chatting and drinking, ……[Continue Reading]

Low-Carb Grilling

Many people think that going low-carb makes grilling difficult. No store-bought sauces, no sugar for caramelizing. But this is not necessarily the case! Here are 3 tips for Swerving delicious and low-carb grilled food….[Continue Reading]

Pizza: Better-For-You Crusts and Toppings

Love pizza but feel guilty when you indulge?  Well we’ve got good news for you, it IS absolutely possible to enjoy pizza without completely derailing your diet!   In today’s Get the Skinny with Molly, we have 3 better-for-you pizza ‘crusts’,

[Continue Reading]